Frequently Asked Questions

What can I watch with the Whoosh3D App?

Whoosh3D allows you to create and watch your own 3D videos instantly, you can download your favorite 3D movies and watch them in real time. But more importantly, you can download and convert 2D movies in 3D and back (3D to 2D), all in real time, glasses free, on the go.

But more importantly, you can create your own photos and video in 3D.

How do I apply the Whoosh3D screen accessory?

It is extremely important to watch our installation video or instructions for installing the Whoosh3D screen on your device. Do not attempt to install the 3D screen without reviewing the instructions.

Where can I download Whoosh3D?

Whoosh3D is available from Apple iTunes. Our Android version is soon to be released.

Will Whoosh3D work without the 3D screen?

No. The 3D screen is necessary for a glasses-free 3D experience.

Will the Whoosh3D screen work if installed over my existing screen protector?

No. You must remove your existing screen protector. The Whoosh3D Optical screen must be placed directly over your phone's screen. This adhesive glass also acts as a 9H screen protector.

Will I ever need to change the screen accessory?

The 3D Screen Protector is durable and has a utility feature, it doubles up as a 9H Tempered Glass screen protector which will protect your device from scratches.

How do I clean the screen accessory?

Gently wipe your screen with a microfiber cloth specifically made for screens and mobile devices.

What devices will Whoosh3D work on?

Whoosh3D is currently available for the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus. Whoosh3D is also available for the iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air Retina. Our Android version is soon to be released. For a complete list of compatible devices, please click here.

How do I view YouTube videos on Whoosh3D?

To easily find free 3D content, we have our in-app short-cut link to YouTube, with default listings for Music Videos, Movie Trailers, Documentaries and GoPro user uploads.

You can also search for your own YouTube content to watch videos via live streaming, downloading, or re-visiting your history of previous views.

How do I load my own movies and photos into Whoosh3D?

To play movies stored on your device, simply go to the GALLERY menu in the Whoosh3D app and select the movie in your library which you want to view in 3D.

To import movies from your computer, connect your device via connection cable and open iTunes. You will see a Whoosh3D folder under applications to share files with. Drag your content into this folder to initiate transfer.

See video link instruction.

Can Whoosh3D show my smartphone games in 3D?

Whoosh3D is currently capable of playing 3D photos and videos only. We offer a 2D to 3D SDK for developers to convert their game to 3D and VR3D. If you are a game developer, please apply here.

Will all types of 3D work on Whoosh3D?

By default, 3D movies are set for side-by-side input. With our Whoosh3D, it will also accept input from Top/Bottom 3D, interleaved and 2D content.

How long does it take to download a movie?

The time required to download movies is dependent on your ISP's connection capacity. Broadband and DSL connections should take no more than a few minutes to a few seconds. Whoosh3D allows you to stream full-length videos in to your device. Or, you can also download movies onto your desktop and transfer the file into your device via iTunes.

What format are movies downloaded in?

Most downloadable movies are in AVI or MP4 formats. For Apple and Android phones and tablets you would normally use the .MOV, .M4V, and MP4 format.

Note: .AVI format is not supported by Apple and it will not play in Whoosh3D.

Why do my 2D movies look funny in Whoosh3D?

By default, Whoosh3d is set for side-by-side 3D input and may be reading your 2D movie as such. To revert back to regular 2D viewing, simply press the input button back to display it as 2D.

What are the future upgrades and features for Whoosh3D?

Our Whoosh3D will soon include more 3D options like playing 3D video games, watching 3D from live broadcasts, and much more!

You will soon be able to access a multitude of new and converted 3D games. Whoosh3D and others in the 3D movies and gaming community are poised to integrate and take 3D mainstream.

Why do I need to sign up to activate my Whoosh3D?

Having your own account on Whoosh3D makes it easier for us to identify the software version you have downloaded. Each phone model has slightly different characteristics that are reflected in the software download. By registering, it will provide you access for our free software updates/upgrades, latest features, and for complete customer service support.

Where can I learn about the effects of 3D for eyes for children and adults?

For all authoritative information on eye health and 3D please visit 3D Eye Health, AOA and 3D University

What types of 3D Formats are there? 3D programming is typically transmitted in one of two formats:

1. Side-by-Side or Top-and-Bottom: Whoosh3D is able to show both formats by simply choosing the format.

2. Side-by-Side 3D Format: Side-by-side is a 3D transmission format. Side-by-side preserves vertical image resolution, but cuts horizontal image resolution in half, as the left eye and right eye images are squeezed to fit into one video frame. Look for new definition.

3. Top-and-Bottom 3D Format: Top-and-Bottom is another transmission format for 3D video streams. In a top/bottom 3D image, both the left eye and right eye information occupy the same video frame, with left eye information on top and right eye information below. The vertical resolution of each frame is decreased, but the horizontal resolution remains constant. Look for new definition.

Did you know: All 3D content is not the same in terms of the intensity of the 3D effect. Some creators 'push the envelope' in terms of adding depth. Others use it only at key moments. This is another artistic decision made by the content creator.