1 Remove any existing screen protector from your device

2 Install the Whoosh3D TM App, enter PIN#, then open Calibration image.

Note: Be sure your iPhone's Display Zoom View is set to STANDARD. If not, go to Setting > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom > View and set it to STANDARD.

3 Clean phone screen, then dry with the microfiber cloth provided.

Instruction No. 3

4 Remove any specs of dust with the provided dust adsorption sticker.

Instruction No. 4

5 Peel the protective film, from the side labelled , of the glass screen protector.

Instruction No. 5

6 Place the screeen protector into position over your phone screen,taking great care to align it to correctly with the calibration image.Using normal viewing distance(30*40 cm, or 12 - 16 in), check your 3D screen is corectly aligned. If not, gently adhust by pushing the left/right side of the lense up/down from the misaligned side. Once aligned, press lightly to begin the electrostatic adsorption process. Use the provided cloth to remove air bubbles if required.

Instruction No. 7