3D Film Installation

A complete 3D solution

Whoosh3D Screen Protector comes with its own built-in screen applicator which makes installation hassle free. This eliminates air bubbles, dusts, and prevents misalignment when each screen protector is applied on a user's device.

2D to 3D

1 Remove any existing screen protector from your device

Instruction No. 1

2 Lift lens to remove slider, dust removal, cleaning cloth and prep pad

Instruction No. 2

3 Remove the back of installer by pushing it out with your thumbs

Instruction No. 3

4 Insert phone into place with the "Home Button" first

Instruction No. 4

5 With arrows pointing in the same direction as indicated on the installer insert slider over lens and place flat on the tracks

Instruction No. 5

6 Gently peel off red labelled protective film

Instruction No. 6

7 Slowly push the slider in the direction of the arrows all the way to the other end of the installer

Instruction No. 7

8 Use your fingers to push up the Whoosh3D™ clip from the underside of the installer by pushing up the 2 pegs

Instruction No. 8

9 Gently lift the Whoosh3D™ clip up to peel off the outer protective film. Gently push the phone upwards and slide out of the installer

Instruction No. 9

10 Install the Whoosh3D App and enter PIN #