How does Whoosh3D work?

The Whoosh3D mobile app capitalizes on image cues and exploits characteristics of the human visual eye to create an impression of depth. The Whoosh3D app when combined with its proprietary 3D enabled Screen, provides users with a fully loaded and highly pioneering 3D solution without the need to replace the user's existing and conventional smart phone or tablet. Whoosh3D has been designed and engineered to have a unique built-in depth-control feature to adjust to the viewer's personal viewing comfort. More importantly, Whoosh3D allows both 2D and 3D to co-exist so consumers have both, a 2D and 3D option, at all times.

3D Depth Menu
2D to 3D

Changing 3D dynamics

Given today's growing mobility and digital lifestyle, the global consumer is now looking for new, exciting, and alternative ways to personalize and share content. Whoosh3D is about changing how customer needs are met, making 3D simple, accessible, and socially relevant to people's lives. This translates to providing the mobile consumers with a more personal and affordable access to 3D as never before seen.

2D to 3D

Create, Personalize, Share 3D

By combining Whoosh3D app with its proprietary 3D enabled screen, users have options to create their very own personalized photo and video in 3D, instantly and glasses-free. Whoosh3D allows users to capture and convert any 2D image, content, and video into 3D easily, expediently, and cost-effectively.

Whoosh3D is beyond any 3D offering

Be A Whoosh'er

With Whoosh3D, users can easily switch between 2D and 3D anytime, anywhere. This is the first 3D solution which allows consumers to instantly convert their personal content, choosing from their own photo or video gallery, streaming or downloading any 2D content, such as movies, concerts, news, or sports into 3D, or watch original 3D content in 3D instantly, glasses free, or switch back to 2D, all in just one click.

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