About Us

Our company's vision and thrust is to make 3D instant, affordable, and glasses free. By spearheading this convergence between 3D and mobility, Whoosh3D™ is changing industry dynamics and setting new standards on how people connect, share, personalize, and print all in 3D using conventional smartphones and tablets, anytime, anywhere.

The founders behind Whoosh3D™ have been involved in 3D software and lenticular technology for more than a decade. By leveraging their core 3D technology, with a deep understanding, expertise, and knowledge of the technical complexities behind 3D, they have successfully engineered, designed, and created a fully loaded 3D mobile app. Whoosh3D™ will instantly play 3D content, convert 2D to 3D, 3D sharing and 3D printing of photos via social network on a global scale.

Our Whoosh3D™ mobile app capitalizes on image cues and exploits characteristics of the human visual eye to create an impression of depth with artificial depth images. And since different people perceive 3D differently, our app can be controlled by the user to personalize the 3D depth effect. These settings can be adjusted in real-time and have an immediate effect on the screen image just with one press of a button.

Our Whoosh3D™ solution is available via a tandem of software (mobile app) and film ware (3D optical film overlay) technologies. Our 3D Optical Film Overlay and/or 3D Film Accessory are both simple and easy to use. It has auto-aligning feature specifically engineered as a perfect fit to most popular iOS and Android devices.

Both our Whoosh3D™ App and Whoosh3D™ Film/Screen Accessory when used in tandem (downloaded and installed respectively), will enable consumers with a totally immersive 3D mobility experience, creating own unique and personalized 3D, on the fly.