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By combining Whoosh3D app with its proprietary 3D enabled screen protector, users has options to create their very own personalized video in 3D, instantly and glasses free. Whoosh3D allows users to capture and convert any 2D image, content, and video into 3D easily, expediently, and cost effectively.

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Whoosh3D is beyond any 3D offering

More than Just a Screen Protector

Whoosh3D's dual software and optical film technology avails the global consumer with an instant, glasses free 3D Experience using conventional 2D smartphones and tablets. Whoosh3D offers consumers with more than just a screen protector. With its proprietary 3D enabling features, the Whoosh3D screen protector makes Glasses Free 3D Viewing simple and accessible.

Be A Whoosher

With Whoosh3D, users can easily switch between 2D and 3D anytime, anywhere. This is the first 3D solution which allows consumers to instantly convert their personal content, choosing from their own photo or video gallery, streaming or downloading any 2D content, such as movies, concerts, news, or sports into 3D, or watch original 3D content in 3D instantly, glasses free, or switch back to 2D, all in just one click.

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Understand Features

Understand Features

Learn more about Whoosh3D's powerful Dual 3D software and optical film technology.

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