video capture

Personalized 3D videos in an instant

Whoosh3D's powerful software enables conventional 2D smartphones and tablets to capture, convert, and create personalized 3D videos instantly. No need for expensive 3D gadgets, no complex 3D equipment set-up, and no time lag or post production required. Simply capture, convert and enjoy your personal 3D video.


Whoosh3D is beyond any 3D offering

More than a media player, Whoosh3D is loaded with 3D features designed to transform and change industry dynamics in mobility. Users can switch between 2D and 3D mode EASILY AND INSTANTLY. It has a Depth controller so users have options to personalize their own 3D settings. This will enhance and provide users with a more comfortable and immersive 3D viewing experience. Plus watch out for all the latest and upcoming features, such as sharing, printing, and personalizing content to compliment today’s growing social media and digital lifestyle.


Convert your movies, shows, or any download in 3D

Whoosh3D allows users to convert and watch online 2D and 3D movies, TV shows, concerts, or personal videos in 3D on the fly. Users can also download, save, or transfer videos from PC to mobile and choose whether to view the videos on 2D or 3D. All these, in real time, GLASSES-FREE using conventional smart phones and tablets.